Among all the donut recipes I assure you that this is the one that will make you get very soft donuts like a cloud and the great thing is that they are easy recipe donuts!


  • 110 g of milk
  • 8 g of fresh brewer’s yeast (or 2.5 g dry)
  • 35 g of sugar
  • 125 g of plain flour
  • 125 g of manitoba flour
  • 1 large whole egg
  • ½ zest of an organic lemon
  • 40 g of soft butter
  • 3 g of salt
  • 1 liter of peanut oil
  • icing sugar to taste

For the filling choose between:

  • 350-400 g of spreadable cream
  • 350-400 g of jam
  • ½ dose of classic custard cream
  • ½ dose of classic chocolate custard


  1. In a saucepan, warm the milk with the sugar and mix with a whisk to melt it. Remove from the stove, make sure the mixture is warm, not hotter, and then add the yeast. Mix until the yeast dissolves.
  2. Cover the saucepan with plastic wrap and leave to rest for 30/45 minutes at room temperature, depending on the ambient temperature.
  3. In a planetary mixer with the hook, or by hand in a large bowl, pour the flour, egg, zest and the previous mixture left to rest.
  4. Mix everything and when the ingredients start to be sufficiently blended, add the salt.
  5. Then add the soft butter (ointment consistency).
  6. Continue to knead until the mixture comes together. If kneading by hand, at this point, you can move from the bowl to the work surface to continue kneading.
  7. When the dough is ready form a loaf with the closure underneath.
  8. Place the dough in a bowl greased with oil and cover with plastic wrap.
  9. Leave to rise for about 2 or 2 and a half hours at room temperature, until it doubles in volume.
  10. When the dough has risen, turn it out of the bowl onto the table and cut pieces of dough weighing 55-60 g each, until you run out.
  11. Form balls, leaving the closure underneath, and arrange on a baking sheet with sheets of baking paper of about 10×10 cm, one at the base of each krapfen.
  12. Cover with plastic wrap, leaving it soft so that the dough can rise, and leave to rise at room temperature for another hour and a half.
  13. Heat the seed oil in a not too large pot and bring it to 170°. Pour the krapfen into the hot oil by dropping the piece of baking paper into it, once in the oil it will detach automatically and you can retrieve it with two forks or kitchen tongs.
  14. Cook 3-4 donuts at a time, about 2 minutes per side.
  15. Once ready, drain the excess oil with a slotted spoon, arrange them on a plate with absorbent kitchen paper and leave to cool.
  16. With the tip of the scissors, make a hole on the side, until you reach the heart of the cake, to be able to fill them.
  17. Pour the desired filling into a pastry bag with a smooth nozzle, with a 7-8 mm hole, and fill all the donuts leaving a drop of cream to drip onto the side of the filling. Dust with icing sugar and serve.