Quick croissants recipes

Quick croissants


Very easy to prepare, these croissants are perfect for a last minute dessert, perhaps for some unexpected last minute guests! Also excellent for buffets, aperitifs or birthday parties!

As simple as they are beautiful and good! Guaranteed wow effect and everyone will ask you for the recipe!


  • 2 rectangular puff pastry rolls
  • Nutella
  • 1 egg yolk (for brushing)
  • caster sugar


  1. Unroll the pastry, spread the Nutella over the entire surface and cover with a second roll of pastry.
  2. With a knife or a wheel, form 8 triangles.
  3. Roll each triangle on itself to form a croissant.
  4. Brush with egg yolk and granulated sugar and bake at 200 degrees in a static oven for 20 minutes.Here are your croissants ready!