Simple and beautiful flower shaped bread

Simple and beautiful flower-shaped bread


It has a long shelf life, can be paired with various kinds, and the shape is relatively casual, so it can be made easily.


Main dough

  • bread flour 65g
  • sugar 45g
  • eggs 1 piece
  • milk powder 25 grams
  • butter 16 grams
  • salt 2 grams
  • water 8 grams

Medium dough

  • Bread flour 210g
  • water 120g
  • high sugar resistant yeast powder 3g


  1. Mix the bread flour in the medium-sized dough with water and high-sugar resistant yeast powder, knead it into a smooth dough, and put it in the refrigerator to ferment for about 10 hours. The fermented dough has a wine aroma, has expanded in volume, and is stringy.
  2. Tear the medium-sized dough into small pieces and add the eggs, bread flour, milk powder, sugar and water in the main dough to the bread machine and start the kneading process.
  3. When the flour forms a ball, add salt and continue kneading.
  4. When the dough becomes smooth and can form a thin film when pulled by hand, add softened butter and continue kneading.
  5. Because we are making ordinary bread, there is no need to knead out the glove film. As long as the dough is smooth and the film can be pulled out, it will be fine. Shape the kneaded dough into a round shape, place it in a basin, cover with plastic wrap and ferment.
  6. When the dough doubles in size, fermentation is complete.
  7. After deflating the dough, divide it into 9 small doughs of equal size, knead into balls and let rest for 5 minutes.
  8. Take out a piece of dough and roll it out.
  9. Use a few fingers to slowly roll it from the top to the bottom, and finally arrange it into a round shape. Make 9 pieces of dough in sequence.
  10. Put the shaped dough into a round mold. If the oven has a fermentation function, you can put it in the oven for fermentation. Put a bowl of hot water in the oven to increase the humidity.
  11. After the small dough is fermented, take it out. Preheat the oven first. The upper heat is 170 degrees and the lower heat is 180 degrees. After preheating is completed, put the bread dough into the middle layer of the oven. Bake for 16 minutes. Then Move the mold to the lower layer, raise the heat to 160 degrees, lower the heat to 170 degrees, and bake for 9 minutes. During the baking process, after the surface of the bread is colored, you can cover it with oil paper to prevent it from getting too dark.