weekend citron

weekend citron


This is a weekend citron using the basic pound type 17cm. The finishing touch is a lemon cake that you can easily make into glasses using lemon icing mix.


  • Unsalted butter 85g
  • Fine granulated sugar 80g
  • Whole egg 85g
  • Soft flour 64g
  • Almond powder 21g
  • Baking powder 1.7g
  • Lemon peel 1/2 piece
  • lemon icing mix 100g
  • Water 18g
  • Green pistachios about 5 pieces


  1. Put butter and powdered sugar at about 22 degrees Celsius in a bowl and cream them with a rubber spatula.
  2. Mix 1 with a hand mixer until it becomes white and fluffy.
  3. Add the beaten eggs that have been brought to room temperature in about 10 batches, and mix well with a hand mixer each time.Be sure to make sure the eggs and butter are evenly emulsified before adding the next egg. *Be careful not to add too many whole eggs at once, as they will easily separate.
  4. Add the sifted flour to step 3, and at first mix the flour and butter, imagining dispersing the flour in the butter as if cutting.
  5. Once the flour is dispersed in the butter to a certain extent, add the lemon peel and rind, and use a rubber spatula to scoop the dough from the bottom of the bowl and mix by turning the dough. At the same time, rotate the bowl counterclockwise about 60 degrees at a time until it becomes powdery. Mix until smooth.
  6. At step 5, the matte dough will no longer have any powdery texture, and when it becomes glossy, you can finish mixing. The dough contains air and is not fluid.
  7. Pour the dough from step 6 into a paper-lined mold. Finally, tap the mold against the stand to remove excess air. If you use a piping bag at this time, it will be easier to fill all the corners with the batter.
  8. Lower the preheated oven to 170 degrees and bake for about 35 minutes. It’s ok if you insert a bamboo skewer and nothing sticks to it. When the cake is baked, tap it lightly on the counter to release the hot steam, then remove it from the mold and cool it on a cake cooler.
  9. Add 18g of water to the lemon mix and mix to make a glass arrow.
  10. Pour 9 glasses over the completely cooled Weekend and smooth the sides with a palette knife.
  11. Spread it all over, sprinkle with chopped green pistachios, and bake in an oven preheated to 200 degrees for about 2 minutes. If you can bake the cake in a cooler, you can place it in the cake cooler to prevent the glass that drips from the heat from collecting at the bottom and getting on the cake.
  12. It is completed when the pure white glass becomes translucent.