Rich milky ice cream

Rich milky ice cream


The crispy chocolate outer shell is filled with rich milky ice cream. When you take a bite, you can instantly feel the well-proportioned texture, sweet and charming, which not only cools down the body, but also satisfies your cravings


  • Glutinous rice flour 20g
  • milk 200mL
  • whipping cream 300g
  • white sugar 30g
  • condensed milk 20g
  • dark chocolate 200g
  • coconut oil 30g
  • a few drops of lemon juice
  • appropriate amount of nuts


  1. Mix glutinous rice flour with appropriate amount of milk
  2. Pour the milk into the milk pot, add the glutinous rice paste, stir evenly, turn on low heat and cook while stirring, until it becomes thick
  3. Add sugar to the light cream and add a few drops of lemon juice
  4. Use an electric whisk to beat until it begins to thicken, then stop beating
  5. Add the glutinous rice paste and mix evenly
  6. Add condensed milk and mix well
  7. Finally, pour the batter into the mold and freeze it in the refrigerator for more than 4 hours
  8. Add 75% dark chocolate to coconut oil and melt it with warm water.
  9. Add a handful of chopped nuts, pour it into a deeper cup, put the frozen ice cream in it and coat it with a layer of chocolate, wait for it to solidify slowly.