Matcha crispy ice cream

Matcha crispy ice cream


Refreshing and not greasy, no additives and zero failure, it tastes better than the ones bought from outside.


  • pure milk 100g
  • Matcha powder 5g
  • Light cream 200g
  • white sugar 45g
  • Appropriate amount of chocolate


  1. Stir pure milk, matcha powder, and 25 grams of white sugar evenly, pour into the milk pot, heat over low heat, and stir evenly
  2. Pour into a container and let cool for later use
  3. Add 20 grams of sugar to the light cream and beat until it has texture and is still flowing.
  4. Then pour the light cream into the cool matcha milk liquid.Stir evenly
  5. Pour into ice cream mold and place in the refrigerator to freeze overnight.
  6. Put an appropriate amount of chocolate into a long cup or deep container, heat it over hot water until it is completely melted, then quickly put the ice cream into the chocolate and lift it up until the chocolate solidifies.