Strawberry smoothie with peanuts

Strawberry smoothie with peanuts


A mixture of summer berries and fruits makes an invigorating, light breakfast.New favorite morning treat! Fruit and protein – delicious strawberry peanut smoothie ready in 5 minutes! When it gets hot, prepare a glass of thick, cool drink, great for a quick breakfast or afternoon snack.



  • 100 g bananas;
  • 100 g strawberries;
  • 30 g blanched peanuts;
  • 10 g honey;
  • 150 ml milk.

How to make strawberry peanut smoothie

Step 1:

Slice ripe strawberries. You can make smoothies with frozen berries all year round.

Step 2:

Add bananas to strawberries. One medium banana weighs 100-130 g (without peel).

Step 3:

Pound the blanched peanuts in a mortar or crush them with a rolling pin. Add peanuts to strawberries and bananas. If you are allergic to peanuts or for some reason need to replace them, then add cashews to your smoothie instead of peanuts.

Step 4:

Add honey.

Step 5:

Pour cold milk, you can replace it with yogurt or kefir. For a dairy-free recipe – coconut, almond, soy milk.

Step 6:

Blend with a blender for a few minutes until creamy. Pour into a cup or bottle. This breakfast can be easily consumed through a thick straw! You can store it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, but it is always better to make a fresh drink. Bon appetit!