Cloud bag bun

Cloud bag bun


This bun is very soft and delicate in the mouth, making it think of cloud marshmallows in fairy tales. This bun is made with a gold brick toast box and looks great.


  • High-gluten flour (soft wind sweet bread flour 500 g)
  • Salt 7.5 grams
  • fresh yeast 15 grams
  • fine sugar 70g
  • milk powder 20 grams
  • whole egg liquid 70g
  • yolk 30g
  • water 276 grams
  • butter 50 grams
  • old noodles 100 g

Cheese stuffing

  • cream cheese 200 g
  • powdered sugar 20 grams
  • yellow peach Appropriate amount

surface decoration

  • Custard Sauce 200 g
  • butter 75g


  1. Add Flour,fresh yeast,salt ,water and mix the ingredients in the old noodle and knead it into a uniform dough, put it in the refrigerator (above 5°) and ferment it for 8-10 hours, and it will be ready to use after about 3 hours.
  2. Install the flat mouth piping bag on the piping bag, weigh out 200 grams of custard sauce, add 75 grams of butter while it is still warm, mix well, put it into the piping bag and set aside.
  3. After the cream cheese is softened, add powdered sugar and mix well, then put it into a piping bag and set aside. (It can be made by taking advantage of the basic fermentation period of the bread)
  4. Mix all the ingredients except butter in the dough ingredients, put it into the mixing bowl of a machine stir at low speed until no dry flour forms a dough, turn to 5-6 and knead until the dough is gradually smooth and slightly fine, add softened Butter.
  5. On slow speed, gradually knead the butter into the dough. Turn to speed 6 and continue kneading until you can pull out a strong transparent film.
  6. Take it out and arrange it. The surface temperature is within 26 degrees. Put it into the container, cover it, and place it in an environment of 25-28 degrees for basic fermentation.Ferment until doubled in size.
  7. Take out the fermented dough and divide it into 20 equal portions, each about 55g. Pay attention to preventing sticking. The dough should not stick to the scraper and hands, and avoid pulling hard.
  8. After rolling, cover with plastic wrap and let rise at about 28 degrees for about 10 minutes.
  9. Drain the yellow peach from the sugar water and cut into long slices
  10. Take the relaxed dough and flatten it, roll it up and down respectively as shown in the picture, do not roll it too wide.
  11. Flip it over and squeeze out the cheese filling and place a slice of yellow peach.Roll up from the top.Do it in sequence, in groups of five
  12. Put 320 grams of gold brick into the mold,Make four portions in sequence.Leave it to ferment in an environment with a temperature of about 32 degrees and a humidity of 80% until it doubles in size. The surface will slowly rebound when pressed lightly with your fingers.
  13. Spray water on the surface and squeeze the decorative sauce.
  14. Bake in the preheated oven at 160 degrees for 20 minutes. In an ordinary oven, please place the middle and lower racks, with the upper tube at 170 degrees and the lower tube at about 190 degrees, and bake for about 26-28 minutes. (Please be sure to flexibly adjust it according to your own oven)
  15. Take it out of the oven and shake it on the plate. Unmold and cool.