Simple and easy coconut buns

Simple and easy coconut buns


These buns are super soft and not satisfying in one bite!


  • High-gluten flour 350 grams
  • ice milk 190g
  • egg 1
  • caster sugar 40g
  • Salt 4 grams
  • fresh yeast 15g
  • butter 35g

Drizzled Coconut Sauce

  • egg 1
  • caster sugar 30g
  • Coconut 35g
  • Corn oil 65g


  1. Knead the other dough ingredients except butter and salt into a rough film, then add salt and butter and knead into a glove film.
  2. Ferment at room temperature until doubled in size. Dip your finger in flour and poke the dough without shrinking.
  3. Divide the exhaust into 25 portions, roll them into rounds and place them on the baking sheet, each portion is about 32 grams.
  4. Put it in the oven for secondary fermentation. Put a bowl of hot water in the oven for about 30 minutes. Take it out and squeeze on the coconut paste.
  5. During the fermentation period, make coconut sauce: corn oil + eggs + fine sugar + coconut, mix well, and put into a piping bag.
  6. Preheat the oven to 190 degrees and 200 degrees, place the middle and lower layers for about 20 minutes, cover with tin foil when browning (temperatures are for reference only)