Mexican pattern bread

Mexican pattern bread


A must-try bread recipe. Once fermented, it is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It will not harden after being stored for 3 days. It will satisfy your craving!


  • 275g high-gluten flour
  • 40g condensed milk
  • 15g milk powder
  • 50g egg liquid
  • 95g milk
  • 35g sugar
  • 3g salt
  • 3g yeast
  • honey 8g
  • 20g butter

For surface

  • 60g low-gluten flour
  • 60g powdered sugar
  • 60g butter
  • 60g egg liquid
  • appropriate amount of chopped walnuts


  1. Mix all the ingredients except butter together. As shown in the picture, knead the dough first. After spreading it with your hands, the dough will be in a rough mask state.
  2. Put softened butter into the dough that has been kneaded into a rough film, and continue to knead it until the mask is very thin, tough, and not easy to break.
  3. Arrange the kneaded dough slightly, divide it into 3 equal portions, and roll them into balls (ignore the amount of dough divided in the picture, which means double the amount).
  4. Take a round dough and roll it into a rectangular shape with a rolling pin.
  5. Roll it up from one end to the other.
  6. Roll the rolled dough into thin strips again.
  7. Roll the dough into a long strip and tie it crosswise, leaving one side longer.
  8. Wrap the long end around again.
  9. Then pinch the upper and lower ends respectively and place it with the seam facing down. In this way, a flower embryo shape is created.
  10. Put the prepared flower embryo dough into the pot (the pot I used can be baked in the oven).
  11. Put the other dough into the pot.
  12. Cover the lid and start fermentation.
  13. While the dough is fermenting, we can make the Mexican sauce: just mix all the required ingredients together.
  14. Mix the above-mentioned ingredients together thoroughly, and mix evenly. You can also filter it to make it more delicate. You can do this as you like.
  15. Ferment the dough until it is approximately twice the size of the original dough.
  16. Gently brush a thin layer of egg wash on the surface of the fermented dough, and then sprinkle an appropriate amount of chopped walnuts on the surface.
  17. Finally, continue to squeeze an even layer of Mexican sauce on the surface.
  18. Preheat the oven in advance, set the temperature to 170 degrees, and bake for 18 minutes.
  19. After baking, it is ready to be taken out of the oven. While it is still hot, directly lift the mold and shake it to knock out the hot air inside.
  20. Then unmold it directly and let it cool.