crispy jam cookies

Crispy jam cookies


Youll find these delicate and crispy jam cookies impossible to resist.Give yourself a sweet treat anytime of the day!


  • Unsalted butter 100g
  • Powdered sugar 50g
  • Salt a little
  • Whole egg 20g
  • Soft flour 120g
  • Almond powder 20g
  • Strawberry jam 30g


  1. Put 30g of jam in a heat-resistant container and microwave at 600W for 1 minute without wrapping. First, place the container on a scale and weigh it, and as a guideline, the moisture content of the jam should have decreased by about -6g after heating.
  2. Immediately place the heated jam in the cornet. If you leave it for a while after heating, the water in the jam will evaporate even more and it will become hard when squeezed.
  3. Add powdered sugar and salt to a bowl, cream the butter with a rubber spatula, and then beat with a hand mixer until it becomes whitish.
  4. Add the whole eggs in 2-3 portions to Step 3 and mix further with a hand mixer until the mixture becomes whitish.
  5. Add the flour that was sifted in step 4 while sifting again, and mix with a rubber spatula.
  6. Put the dough from step 5 into a piping bag fitted with a 6-cut (star nozzle) and pipe it into circles. It will stick together if you bake it all at once, so divide it into two pieces and squeeze. If the dough is sagging at this point, let it rest in the freezer or refrigerator and then bake it, it will take on a nice shape. *If you use a piping bag with a uniform size of 100, it will tear, so we recommend a well-made piping bag such as the Cotta Piping Bag M, which comes with 20 pieces. If you want half the amount, size S is OK.
  7. First, bake it at 180 degrees for 13 minutes without putting jam on it, then take it out. Leave the oven baking even after you take it out so that the temperature does not drop. Squeeze the prepared jam onto the dough.
  8. After putting the jam on top, bake at 180 degrees for another 5 minutes and it’s done. If you put it on the jam from the beginning without letting the water evaporate, the jam will flow out. Once baked and cooled, the jam will feel like a soft gummy candy.